Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Azharuddin's words - Sachin's bat to India famous win

Cricket Highlights - Azharuddin's words - Sachin's bat to India famous win

Titan Cup triangular one day international series of the 3rd ODI match played between India vs Australia at Bengaluru in 1996 at Bangalore - India won by 2 wickets.

Azharuddin silences an angry crowd which lead to a famous Indian Victory, The historic moment when Azhar walked out to pacify a rampaging and angry crowd that threatened to disrupt the match.

The match encounter at Bengaluru was a must win needed game for both sides. Australia won the toss elected to bat first.

Australia's Skipper Mark Taylor's brilliant batting performance to Australia posted 215 on the board and in reply India were reduced to 47/4.

With the dismissal of local boy Rahul Dravid, the crowd began to grow uneasy. Subsequently, when SK Bansal adjudged Azhar, the former skipper wasn’t pleased one bit.

After holding his ground briefly and indicating an inside edge, he commenced his reluctant walk back to the hut with disappointment written all over his face.

It was at this juncture that the Western Stands at the Chinnaswamy Stadium erupted. Frustration was brewing when Dravid was sent back and when Azhar was given the marching orders.

huge roar was followed by loud booing. Moments later, the first wave of paper card banners started descending over deep mid-wicket.

Soon after, it rained water bottles and thereafter, anything that the crowds could get their hands on were being hurled onto the ground.

Barely six months after that fateful Eden Gardens World Cup semi-final, history was repeating all over again.

Meanwhile, the Aussies huddled around the pitch and began looking towards the dressing room, looking at the possibility of a victory by “default”.

The umpires, having learnt from previous experiences, now began to gesture frenetically towards the dressing rooms; imploring that someone come down and appease the raging crowd.

To everyone’s astonishment, Azhar strode out. Having taken his pads out but still in match attire, he emerged like a wounded warrior determined to restore parity. He headed straight to the troubled section and began waving his arms.

Displaying trademark Azhar mannerisms of headshakes and shoulder nudges, the stalwart established a rapport with the crowd. It was almost as if he was saying, “stop this and we will win the game for you”.

The crowds loved to see him up close and when he walked up close to the fence, their anger was replaced with joy.

Azharuddin was at an arm’s length and he was speaking to them – one on one. Soon after Azhar completed his march, the crowds waved back at him and relented.

The magician had cast a spell that left a few thousand swaying to his tune. It seemed improbable that the game would resume just a few minutes ago – yet it did. And the rest as they say, is history.

Sachin Tendulkar played a Scintillating 88 off 111 deliveries, with 9 lovely times shots, Middle Order bastmen Ajay Jadeja struggling to score he contribute India must needed 27.

After Sachin Tendulkar wicket lost at 88, Then at a hopeless 164/8, Javagal Srinath and Anil Kumble joined hands with 52 runs still required off 8 overs.

Slowly but surely, the Srinath and Kumble batting partnership was helping India claw back into the match.

And when Srinath hit a towering straight six off Steve Waugh in the 47th over, the Aussie shoulders dropped in disbelief. An over later.

Kumble scored the winning runs to take India to a thrilling and emphatic win by 2 wickets and made the huge crowd go into frenzy.

The Indian crowds are passionate, vociferous and fanatical – all at the same time. The game triumphed in the end. Had it not been for Azhar's intervention.

India would have forfeited an embarrassing second match in a year due to unruly crowd behavior.

For all his batting skills, Mohammad Azharuddin chose to act sans his willow and in doing so, saved the blushes of a country and restored faith to the ever demanding masses.