Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Aus vs SAF Exciting Tied Semi-final Match Ever in ODI Cricket

Cricket Highlights - Aus vs SAF Exciting Tied Semi-final Match Ever in ODI Cricket

ICC World Cup one day international tournament of 2nd Semi-final ODI match played between Australia vs South Africa at Birmingham in 1999 - Thrilling Semi-final Match was Tied.

A heart failure ball was pulled down the wicket, Lance Klusener called him through, Allan Donald didn't move and then dropped his bat, both batsmen at the bowler's end, mid off passes it to Damien Fleming who passes to Adam Gilchrist, Allan Donald running down the pitch without his bat, well short just a tad of an exciting match ever, it's tied.

Australia go through because they finish higher in the super 6 table first tied match in World Cup history, and surely the most exciting and remarkable, the last few overs provided drama after drama sensational, amazing, astounding.

Whatever, make your own superlatives up presentations comign up Hansie Cronje looks lost for words, devastated: "up to the fall of the 1st wicket, we were looking good", poor guy he can barely speak, MC wraps it up quickly Steve Waugh says "it's the most exciting match he's ever played in", looks a little underwhelmed, sensibly knows the final is still to come Man of the match is Shane Warne.

mentions how "fired up" and "pumped" he was after the wickets... he thinks this tops the Mohali semi final, point is made of Mark Waugh getting a duck in both of the matches and Aussies move to Lord's final.

World Cup 1987 vs World Cup 1992 winners to determine who becomes the second team to win the World Cup twice. It's Australia 4th WC final (a record) and their 3rd in the past 4 World Cups.