Top 10 Most Unusual Moments Happened

Watch the highlights of Top 10 Most Unusual Moments Happened - In this article you can know the top 10 most unusual and unexpected moments happened ever on cricket ground.

10) Australia vs New Zealand - Balloons enter into the match ground and catch the ground staff and he down in the ground.

9) Sri Lanka vs England - Dogs enter into the ground and running around the ground.

8) India vs England - Mahendra Singh Dhoni Playing with Ice Bag.

7) India vs Pakistan - Bees enter into the ground.

6) KFC Tournament - Kid fielding instead of Andrew Symonds.

5) Sri Lanka vs England - Bees enter into the ground.

4) English Country Cricket League - Fielder Kills a bird on the ground.

3) Caribbean Cricket League - Bails did't fall in a match.

2) English Country Cricket League - Bat Broken into two pieces by bowler.

1) South Africa vs Sri Lanka - Dog enter into the ground.



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