MS Dhoni First ODI Wicket Highlights

Cricket Highlights - MS Dhoni First ODI Wicket

Watch the highlights of MS Dhoni First ODI Wicket - ICC Champions Trophy tournament of the Group A 12th ODI match played between West Indies and India at Johannesburg in 30th September 2009.

MS Dhoni First ODI Wicket Highlights
MS Dhoni runs in hard © Getty Images

Indian captain MS Dhoni took his first wicket in ODIs, his victim being West Indies batsman Travis Dowlin (14). He has bowled for the first time in One-day Internationals in the Champions Trophy Group A match.

MS Dhoni decided to have some fun. Before the start of the 17th over of the match, he gave his keeping gloves to Dinesh Karthik, and decided to bowl, something he does to good effect in the nets.

The first two-balls MS Dhoni bowled were long hops, and were duly pulled and cut for boundaries by Travis Dowlin. The fourth ball, though, was much fuller, and took the thin inside edge that hits off stumps. And everybody had a bit of a laugh.

* MS Dhoni took his first-wicket for 14-runs in 2-overs spell.

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