Betting On The SRL For The First Time: What You Should Know

Cricket’s Simulated Reality League or simply SRL uses the power of technology to give fans the opportunity to witness real-time cricket matches even without real players on the field. Not only are cricket enthusiasts tuning into SRL matches, but they are also betting on their outcomes.

Betting On The SRL For The First Time: What You Should Know
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If you’re a cricket fan looking forward to trying your luck at SRL matches, the following guide is for you. We break down everything there’s to know about SRL, including how the technology works, which tournaments you can bet on, how predictions are made, the types of bets you can place and how to keep track of the latest matches.

How does the SRL work?

Simply put, SRL cricket is a simulation that uses information from the real world in order to create a similar experience to that of reality. Data from the past 500 games of a specific team or player as well as their form and vital statistics are collected by the developers, which they use to create a special algorithm. This algorithm is capable of helping viewers immerse themselves in matches with similar outcomes to traditional, offline cricket.

The graphically generated versions of cricket matches do look similar to video games. However, you can expect to recognise the features of well-known cricketers.

What is the Indian Premier League SRL?

The Indian Premier League SRL is a graphically generated version of the IPL matches and the result of years of tracking the league’s statistics. It includes versions of all the current IPL teams: the Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Gujarat Titans, Kolkata Knight Riders, Lucknow SuperGiants, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Sunrisers Hyderabad. Notably, the IPL was the first ever cricket SRL league, followed by the Super Sixes SRL.

What other cricket SRLs can you bet on?

The Super Sixes SRL is the only international cricket championship simulated virtually. You can watch England, India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand facing off on the digital field.

There’s also a simulated version of the popular Australian Big Bash League. What’s more, you can place bets on the Pakistan Super League SRL or the Caribbean Premier League SRL.

How do SRL predictions work?

As previously mentioned, SRL developers use real-world information and statistics and create an algorithm out of it. Such information includes the teams’ and players’ forms, vital statistics, professional history as well as the climate where the virtual match takes place. All of this helps punters make game predictions.

What types of bets can you make? 

You can keep track of the SRL cricket live score and place your bets as matches unfold. Another option is to review pre-match odds and bet on the best team.

It’s possible to make the following bets:

  • The winner of a match, which is the most traditional and straightforward of bets. Just like in real-world cricket, one team is more likely to emerge victorious. You can check the odds or use your knowledge of the competing teams to predict who the winner will be.
  • Tied match, which is the bet you make when you believe both teams will end up with the same number of points by the end of a match.
  • Total runs by a player, which instead of focusing on a team is concerned with the total number of runs by an individual cricketer.

How can you keep track of SRL?

Keeping track of SRL cricket is simple and can be done online. Simply access a virtual sportsbook and check out upcoming simulated reality league 2023 matches. You’ll be able to review the latest odds, statistics and other data relevant to planning your bet. 



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